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What is "world" music? This is a generic term that many ethnomusicologists stay away from, since it suggests that Western music fits into one category while the rest of the world fits into another (therefore suggesting that Western music is somehow superior, some argue). Unfortunately there is currently not another term universally used to describe music we typically do not listen to in Western society, so please note that this "global music exploration" is meant to encourage you to explore any form of music you are unfamiliar with, Western or otherwise.

For this quest:
• In paragraphs or bullets, write 10 facts about a style of music you are unfamiliar with (this can be anything as long as it is not something you typically listen to or know much about).
• Provide links to at least three sources consulted.
• Find and describe an artist you are unfamiliar with who performs this style of music.
• Describe a song by the above artist.
• Provide a link to the song.

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Global Music Exploration
The selected music style, 10 interesting facts, and sources of information
I am unfamiliar with the dancehall style of music. The following are 10 facts about this type of music;
1. Dancehall music is also called Ragga or dub
2. The origin of the music was in the 1940s but was popularized in the late 1970s, a period of political turbulence
3. Dancehall music became the most dominant artwork in Jamaica in the 1980s and 1990s...

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