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: 250465RR - Music Appreciation
Questions 1 to 40: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. The unique quality of Mendelssohn's overture to the sonata form in A Midsummer Night's Dream is that the
A. exposition isn't repeated.
B. length is expanded.
C. development is exaggerated.
D. development is minimal.

2. The instrument that can create sound digitally and can mimic other instruments by adding partials to the fundamentals is the
A. oscilloscope.
B. organ.
C. synthesizer.
D. waza.

3. The music of Philip Glass is written mostly in the _______ style.
A. expressionist
B. post-Romantic
C. minimalist
D. impressionist

4. How many symphonies did Brahms write?
A. Six
B. Seven
C. Nine
D. Four

5. Which of the following is a genre for voice and piano that was popular from the late eighteenth century onward?
A. Fantasie
B. Episode
C. Lied
D. Impromptu

6. The Renaissance period in musical history lasted from about
A. 1650 to 1750.
B. 1425 to 1600.
C. 1500 to 1789.
D. 1450 to 1750.

7. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score?
A. All
B. Coda
C. Tutti
D. Da Capo

8. Opera took hold in England in the _______ century.
A. early nineteenth
B. late nineteenth
C. seventeenth
D. eighteenth

9. _______ called for a style that was free, individualized, and extravagant.
A. Blues
B. Hip hop
C. Bebop
D. Rhythm and blues

10. Which of the following is a traditional Indian instrument?
A. Ud
B. Sitar
C. Tombak
D. Pipa

11. Word painting is a technique commonly used by composers of
A. madrigals.
B. plainsong.
C. program music.
D. suites.

12. Which one of the following is the name used for a Javanese instrumental ensemble?
A. Mambo
B. Gamelan
C. Kajar
D. Cantor

13. The text of an opera, which literally means "little book" in Italian, is called the
A. program.
B. vibrato.
C. buffa.
D. libretto.

14. The third movement of a symphony is usually written in _______ form.

15. Bach's Cantata no. 140 is an intricate reconstruction of a
A. well-known hymn.
B. Baroque operetta.
C. patriotic song.
D. popular ballet tune.

16. Which of the following is an example of a crossover artist?
A. Austin Wintory
B. Public Enemy
C. Duke Ellington
D. Chuck Berry

17. A/an _______ is a work that sets new words to an existing melody.
A. appropriation
B. scoring
C. orchestration
D. contrafactum

18. The repetition (AA), variation (AA'), and contrast (AB) of a piece of music are all part of the music's
A. form.
B. genre.
C. timbre.
D. texture.

19. "Erlkönig" is one of the hundreds of songs written by
A. Schumann.
B. Chopin.
C. Schubert.
D. Haydn.

20. Which composer was commemorated through a series of enormous concerts in Westminster Abbey that went on to become an annual festival until 1791?
A. Bach
B. Haydn
C. Handel
D. Mozart

21. Music sung without instrumental accompaniment is called
A. figured bass.
B. a capella.
C. countersubject.
D. ordo virtutum.

22. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square-dancing.
A. hoe-down
B. corrido
C. broadside
D. stomp

23. The term ritornello principle plays a huge part in a
A. virtuoso cadenza.
B. suite.
C. concerto grosso.
D. sonata.

24. In music, the Italian term for "loud" is
A. mezzo.
B. virtuoso.
C. piano.
D. forte.

25. What is a term for traditional Turkish finger cymbals common throughout the Middle East?
A. Cachiche
B. Shawm
C. Timbales
D. Zill

26. A form of polyphony consisting of two or more rhythmically interlocking voices is the
A. hocket.
B. Ituri.
C. ostinato.
D. Mbuti.

27. According to your textbook, which composer is considered to be one of the most radical composers who ever lived?
A. Beethoven
B. Verdi
C. Cage
D. Wagner

28. At the start of the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, Dvorák begins with a _______ pattern using a second violin and cello.
A. call-and-response
B. stream of consciousness
C. polytonal
D. contrast and variation

29. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk melodies in his compositions?
A. John Coltrane
B. Charlie Parker
C. Xavier Cugat
D. Aaron Copland

30. What term is used to describe the combination of contrasting melodies played at the same time?
A. Round
B. Polyrhythm
C. Imitation
D. Counterpoint

31. Gottschalk's Union is an example of _______ as an attempt to connect purely instrumental music with the wider world of events and ideas.
A. program music
B. modernism
C. art songs
D. lieder

32. Which step of a minor scale is slightly lower than the corresponding step of a major scale?
A. Third
B. Fourth
C. Seventh
D. Fifth

33. A group of instruments or voices with similar timbres within the ensemble is the
A. section.
B. tenors.
C. orchestra.
D. voicing.

34. The _______ voice is the lowest register in vocal music.
A. bass
B. tenor
C. soprano
D. alto

35. Another word for the "color" of music is
A. dynamics.
B. texture.
C. tone.
D. timbre.

36. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches that step upward or downward?
A. Meter
B. Measure
C. Cadence
D. Scale

37. Dido and Aeneas is an example of _______ opera.
A. Baroque
B. Romantic
C. Greek
D. Italian

38. The _______ is the middle part of the sonata form.
A. recapitulation
B. exposition
C. development
D. coda

39. The text pattern of Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues" is typical of songs in the
A. European classical tradition.
B. 12-bar blues.
C. 8-to-the-bar pattern.
D. blue-note melody.

40. The musical work that depicts an artist being led to his execution is
A. Schubert's "Erlkönig."
B. Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique.
C. Cage's 4'33".
D. Master Musicians of the Ikuta-ryu's Cherry Blossom

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