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Lennon, John (1971/2010). “How Do You Sleep?
McCartney, Paul (1982). “Here Today.” On Tug of War

In these two songs, Lennon and McCartney address each other, one track spewing anger during the height of a great relationship gone awry, and the other nostalgic, a love letter to a friend who is no longer around. I don’t think that I have to remind you that Lennon and McCartney were two of the greatest songwriters of the second half of the twentieth century. For a long time, they were the best of friends, mutually assisting one another in their personal and musical lives (remember that as teenagers in Liverpool, McCartney taught Lennon how to play proper guitar chords, along with how to tune the instrument).
Using the lyrics of these two songs as a springboard, as well as knowledge gleaned from the course, comment upon the relationship between Lennon and McCartney.

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John and Paul had been friends and songwriting partners since they were teenagers. They knew each other before all the fame & madness of Beatlemania; they had even referred to each other (as well as the other Beatles) as "like brothers". By the end of the 60's, the Beatles had begun to draw apart, each even starting to move toward solo projects. John had "checked out" mentally after his marriage to Yoko, but it was Paul who actually took steps toward the dissolution of the band. Paul's father-in-law, a lawyer, helped him start the legal proceedings...

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