1. You must include:
The name of the performing group(s)
The location of the concert
The date of the concert
A listing of the instruments in the group
The title of every single piece performed, such Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Sousa's Stars and Stripes march. Some of as pieces music will have more than one section or movement If you hear a piece that has more than one movement or section you need to list every one of them For example, most symphonies will have movements. The of the individual movements within symphony four names are usually very generic and are simply the tempo marking for section of music (review Chapter 1 if you don't remember them). For that example, this is what one of W.A. Mozart's most famous symphonies looks like on paper. Symphony 40 in G minor, k.550

I Molto allegro
Il Andante
III Meuetto
IV Allegro assai

2. Description of the Music. You need to describe every piece of music that you heard. A good approach to this section is to imagine yourself trying to describe the music to friends or colleagues that weren't there. This is usually the most difficult part of the assignment. The two most important parts of this section are to listen intently to what you are hearing and to use the music vocabulary that you are learning in the course. Do your best on this section knowing that I don't expect perfection. If you're in this class, you aren't a music major and I don't expect that level of expertise. I do however expect your best effort! When in doubt, be prolific and write more. Remember that it's a writing assignment. If a piece of music has more than one movement or section. you need to treat each section as a separate piece of music. Here is a list of things to help you get started.
Tempo - Was it fast or slow or somewhere in between? If you describe the tempo you need to use music terminology, allegro, presto, adagio, etc
What was going on dynamically (how loud or soft the music was)? Did it have wide contrasting dynamics or did it stay loud or soft through the entire piece?
Which instrument or instruments were the most prominent?
Which instrument or instruments played the melody most of the time?
What were the accompaniment instruments doing (non melody instruments)?
What was the mood or character of the piece?
How did it make you feel? Did it make you feel?
Did you like or dislike it? Why?
What was the best or the worst part of the piece?
Did anything unusual happen during the piece? Did someone break a string or fall off of their chair? etc. etc etc etc etc

3. Description the Concert Experience. You need to write a paragraph or two describing your concert experience. This is the section where
you get to tell me how you how you felt and what you really thought performance experience, about the and/or the not so much about the music itself. This section is usually much easier than the last but students have often failed to give it their best effort. When in doubt, be prolific and write more. Remember that it's a writing assignment. Here is list of things to help you get started

What were your expectations of the concert? Were you excited or dreading it?
What was your first impression once you arrived.
What was the audience like? How were they dressed? How did they behave during, before, and after the performance?

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Music Recital Review

1. Presto from the Finale of String Quartet, op. 33 no. 3 Haydn

This was a very upbeat and joyful piece. The melody is quick (presto is very fast, and it was!), and I saw the performers had to take quite a few breaths while they played! It’s interesting that the program says this was a string quintet, even though it was performed by a wind ensemble. I tried to imagine what it would sound like performed by violins, and it wasn’t hard to imagine. The melody was very strong and pronounced in this piece, and often the instruments played a harmonizing...
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