"Tarab" in a "Concert"
The brief excerpt from a performance of "Shaghal" on CD 3:8, textbook pp. 319-326 was recorded at a university in the United States.
- In what ways does the audience react as they might in a concert of Western music?
- How can we describe the overall form of this performance?
Each discussion grade is worth five points:
- Begin with 500 words minimum for your own discussion answer. Plan to post your answer about mid-week so others will have time to read and respond to your posting.
- Make sure it is relevant to the topic, addressing all parts of the question.
- Originality, depth and detail. For this point you will need to go outside the book for additional research (try Google and YouTube). Please carefully document where you find your information and explain to us how it relates to the discussion question(s). To earn this point you will need a minimum of two areas of outside research which you share with us.
- Share with us a minimum of two different page numbers from our textbook where you find your information for your answer

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The Arabic-speaking countries span from the north of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and toward the Middle East. Their vast culture is united by language and arts. Some sources believe that the ud (or oud) is the precursor to the lute , which is the precursor to the guitar, and the reason why instrument builders of lutes, guitars, violins, violas, cellos, and double-basses are referred to as “luthiers.” The most important different between the ud and the lute is that ud has no frets. This means that ud players—like violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists—have to have highly developed...

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