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Assignment Instructions
Please write short essays of 300-500 words discussing the following topics and submit by the due date posted. When talking about musical compositions, please make sure to find out and include in your essay A DATE OF COMPOSITION (This will be one way to acknowledge the number of years each of these works continues to live in people's hearts after it was created).
When discussing a review/article, address author by name.
Do not use word "song" for any kind of music you are describing. Song is a composition for voice and piano/accompaniment. Use a general term like "piece,", "work," "composition."
Be aware that composer is a person who wrote the music, those that you see in the videos are performers.

Listen to Rachmaninov's "Musical Moment no. 4." Describe its emotional impact on you and its melody, tempo, harmonies that help to create it. After listening to Nikolai Lugansky and Ya-Fei Chuang performances, compare the two.

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Music may not be emotional as such—music cannot be happy or sad—but perhaps the contours of melody and intensity can resemble the contours of the range of human emotion. Passions wax and wane in intensity like crescendo and dimuendo: the intricacies of altering moods move like melodies and timbres twisting and contorting toward form. This paper will show how Rachmaninov’s “Musical Moment No. 4” for piano exemplifies the metaphor of musical passion through...

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