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Choose two excerpts of a concert, one of a pop or rock concert from modern times and one of a performance of Baroque music.
(This performance would by necessity be a performance of Baroque music performed in modern times.)

Each excerpt should be approximately 10 minutes in length.
After viewing the concert excerpts, construct a comparison of these two concerts and address the following.
Explain why you did or did not enjoy the concerts.

Evaluate similarities and differences between music in the Baroque era and modern times.
Discuss the types of people who attended concerts in the Baroque era and modern times, and why people attended concerts in the Baroque era versus today.
Analyze how new technologies, such as digital media and the internet, change the ways music is experienced.

This paper should be 750-1000 words in length.
This assignment should reflect knowledge and understanding of the course materials.

Points should be supported by specific information from scholarly sources and musical terminology should be used to express ideas.
This paper should be written in paragraph form using complete sentences with a clear introduction and conclusion.

Be sure to reference both concerts in the introduction and conclusion. addition to these elements, please be sure to fulfill the Requirements for Writing Assignments (see below), including citing all sources (including the concerts) both in the body of the text and in a reference page.

Please note that MLA is the standard citation style in the humanities. Here are some good sources of information for Evaluating Online Resources, Citing Sources, and Writing & Grammar Resources.

The video links for the concerts should be cited in the body of the text and in your reference page.

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Different Music; Different Times

For many people, classical music and rock music could not be more dissimilar. But such an analysis is trite and unsophisticated. While there are many differences, there are also many similarities, not only between rock music and classical music, but within the different kinds of rock music and the different kinds of classical music. This paper endeavors to discuss the differences and similarities between two performances: 1) Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor for Two Violins by the Orchestra Perpetuum Mobile under the baton of Igor Longato, and 2) a performance by the rock band A Perfect Circle at the Knotfest festival in Mexico in 2017 (erroneously credited as the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio in 2018).
Vivaldi’s Concerto no. 8 in A Minor for Two Violins (RV522) is a work featuring two violins, a small string...

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