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Part 1 of 1: Long Answer
This course has surveyed various popular music practices and their social contexts.

In a long answer response, discuss the relationship between popular music and ONE of the following overarching course themes:

Music and Politics

*Your response should include a brief description demonstrating how you understand and define "popular music" as a concept based on course material.
*Your response must also refer to at least THREE and at most FIVE listening examples from either the "Music Highlights" or "Listening Links" in the course modules. Your examples should not all be from the same module.

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There is a connection between music in politics in all world cultures. Musicians use various genres and styles to point to the necessity of freedom, equality, and justice in different communities worldwide. Most governments are likely to marginalize, censor, or even ban performers that use music as a medium to request changes in the community's social or political agenda. On the other hand, some governments stimulate popular music productions for strictly economic reasons. These take advantage of popular music as the export product bringing a significant profit. Some musical styles emerge from the national musical heritage. Others are based on the Western hip-hop or rap, or have already evolved into the ''world music''. In any case, music is the way to criticize negative social or political issues in any society. It is a watchtower monitoring the state of mind of the community.

The state of mind of the South Korean society was elevated upon liberation from the Japanese...

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