Watch Dvorak 'Sinfonía nº 7 en Re Menor Op. 70' and write a concert report

The Concert Environment
Describe the concert hall. What is the physical scale of the room? What is the physical relationship between the performers and the audience? Are there special stage sets and/or lighting effects? How do these elements impact the concert experience? What are the dress and demeanor of the musicians?

The Performance
a. Description of Music: Write a description of the music performed and the instruments played using the appropriate music terminology. After writing a description of the entire music program, concentrate on one portion of the concert to evaluate in detail. Describe instrumentation, dynamics, melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, etc., as well as the relationships between preceding and succeeding movements.
b. Historical context:
Given the research you’ve conducted, address the following: Is the work characteristic of the period in which it was created? Does this work respond to any personal circumstances of the composer? Does this work respond to any political or social events of the period? How does this work relate to other music written by the composer? Do the techniques employed or subject matter evoked in the piece change, or take on new or different meanings, when performed today?

Did the music evoke any particular images or feelings? Was it the composition, the performance, or a combination of the two that prompted those responses?

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A Night at the Teatro Monumental
The performance of Dvorak’s Seventh Symphony was executed by the Spanish Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra (RTVE) conducted by Miguel Harth-Bedoya at the Teatro Monumental in Madrid, Spain. Although originally built as a movie theater in the early 1920s, it was repurposed as a concert venue and became the home venue of the RTVE. The stage and proscenium are composed of long slabs of wood. Toward the back is a recessed area for singers, but no singers were required by Dvorak’s symphony. On the wall...
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