Make the realization of the parallel period in 4 voices, using Sibelius's Voice 1 for the outer voices (soprano and bass, with stems pointing up for soprano and down for bass) and Voice 3 for the inner voices (tenor and alto, with stems pointing up for tenor and down for alto).

You may not alter the given melody or Roman numerals. The rhythms of the bass, tenor, and alto parts should be the exact same as the rhythm of the given soprano melody, except for the suspension indicated in the final bar as well as beat 4 of bar 6.

You should begin by writing in the bass part using Voice 1 from the Keypad, as this voice is indicated by the Roman numerals and figures below the staff; afterward, switch to Voice "Feel Good - Jay-Z Type Beat - Produced By GeoFresh" from the Keypad and enter the inner
voices. Remember that in order to change a stem's direction, all you need to do is select the note and press "X."
Music Compositions With Voice

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    Music Compositions With Voice
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