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Write out a graph of the harmonic rhythm that you will use for your composition with Roman numerals. You must have a minimum of eight chords. Follow these guidelines
●Choose a major/minor key of your choice
●Key and Roman numerals are clearly labeled
●This graph must have ​two ​of the following chords: diatonic dominant seventh chord, anyother diatonic seventh chord besides a V​7
●You can use secondary dominants if you’d like, but are not required to use them
●Voice leading and chord inversions relate to chapters in the text and our classdiscussions
●The graph ends with a tonal cadence we have talked about this year
Compose a ​separate ​composition for solo piano (or voice and piano), that is based on this graph.Follow these guidelines:
●It is a ​minimum ​of 30 measures (preferably more)
●Key and Roman numerals are clearly marked in the score
●All NCTs are circled and identified (s, p, n, etc.)
●Provide dynamics, tempo, articulations, and pedal markings where appropriate
●Provide a title
●If you compose a composition for voice and piano you can use your own original lyrics orborrow text that is in the public domain (mention the source)
Write a ​separate ​preface for your composition along the following guidelines
●Describes how you approached and resolved NCTs
●Describes melodic material, accompanimental patterns, and/or configurations of yourharmony
●Describes range and texture
●Any other details about the character and inspiration for this composition
Please indicate on this final if you would like to have this considered for an anonymous performance in class at the beginning of spring quarter.

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