Music therapy - music and stress
1.In at least three sentences, explain why you chose this particular topic.
2.In paragraphs or bullets, describe at least five facts you learned from this.
3.In paragraphs or bullets, describe at least five additional facts about this topic.
4.Provide links to three sources consulted (sources MUST be less than ten years old and may not be from the lesson or previous work submitted)
5.If Golden Record 2.0 were produced and sent into space to represent Planet Earth, what one thing related to this lesson would you include? It can be a song, a short video, a particular performer, instrument, etc. Describe your choice in at least three sentences.

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I have selected to explore the lesson topic “Music therapy - music and stress.” The chief reason for selecting this lesson is precisely because it stood out for me relative to other topics. I realized that I was more eager to learn the link between stress and music than how music related to other variables. This was perhaps due to the notion that, before the lesson, I did not visualize the therapeutic effect of music...
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