Watch on Youtube:
J.S. Bach's infamous "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"
"Toccata and Fugue" performed and arranged by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO)

In a 400 word essay, please compare and contrast these two recordings. In your essay please consider the following questions:

(1) In terms of adapation v. inspiration, particularly when dealing with A Knight's Tale, in your opinion is the TSO performing an adaptation or a work that is merely "inspired by Bach"

(2) Knowing what you know about Bach, do you think TSO is faithful to Bach's intentions with this work?

(3) Put simply, does TSO's arrangement "work" for you?

N.B. A complete answer will answer these questions (and whatever other issues you deem appropriate) in essay form. It is not enough to merely answer the questions inline.

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At the outset I will say that the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach’s work which the least educated person would know that this is something supreme. And, theoretically speaking, the professional musical point of view, and at the very least, every educated musician, in...

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