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 The universal definition of architecture is - ‘’Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures.’’

Architecture in the narrower sense is the science and art of designing and building design, and interior and exterior architectural space. Architectural works are often cultural or political symbols and works of art. Historical civilizations are characterized by their achievements in architecture. Architecture serves to fulfill some basic human needs.

Basic concepts in architecture

Certain terms are recurrent, regardless of style and epochs.

  • Space: Definition, dimensions, position, implementation, and formal design of the space are the most important task of architecture.
  • Form: Form of architectural work, its sketches, form and size are aspects which are extremely important. The draft is never a direct result of the set parameters. There is always a component of aesthetic and formal organization. How will the buildings look from a certain angle? What colors and materials are most suitable? All of this lies in the domain of the designer-artist.
  • The architect’s function: A well-functioning building is the main purpose of architecture. This includes the technical functioning of the architectural works in practice, but also aesthetic and other functions that it should fulfill. Architecture is one of the few arts (with design), which focus more on use value than aesthetic value, and yet still stands at the crossroads of art and function.
  • Message: The National Library of France has a form of four closed books and thus gives a message about the architect’s intentions. The command of the air force in Belgrade is reminiscent of a plane and thus also gives a message about its function.
  • Relationship with the environment: An idealized example of architecture is a blueprint of the building, which should represent its actual building. This can be achieved by using a variety of forms, colors and materials.
  • Meaning: Each building has an individual expression of the character of the architect, which manifests itself through the form, function and organization.

Three aspects of architecture

There are three aspects of architecture, according to Vitruvius:

  1. Strength – (firmitas);
  2. Utility – (utilitas);
  3. Beauty– (venustas).

Types of Architects

  1. Residential Architect -They deal with clients who would like to have a house designed
  2. Commercial Architect - A well-designed building is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, and the functionality varies according to the type of space that is being designed
  3. Green Architects- Green Design Architects are responsible for making eco-friendly and energy efficient architectural designs
  4. Landscape Architect - Landscape architects design these outdoor spaces to be efficient, engaging, and harmonious with the environment.
  5. Urban Designer - Urban designers are in charge of grouping buildings, designing nodes, paths, and street networks
  6. Industrial Architect - They specialize in creating a suitable blueprint that aids the flow of the industrial process taking place inside
  7. Interior DesignerInterior Designers have deep knowledge of materials, fabrics, colors, and basics of furniture design.



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