Teachers directly impact future generations of students and have the unique power to change a young person’s life. Whether it be helping a kindergartener to learn to tie his shoes or helping a high school senior apply to her dream college, excellent teachers can completely change lives.

Teachers have difficult, yet incredibly rewarding jobs. Have you ever wondered what goes into becoming a teacher?

Teachers do far more than simply teach. They construct lesson plans, design curriculum, coach sports, plan events, give career advice, direct inquiries, and answer questions. They demonstrate good behavior and train students to do the same. Teachers shape young minds and develop attitudes and learning styles that impact a young person throughout their entire life.

Training for a career in education focuses on the implementation of strategies that help students to absorb information effectively. Depending on the age level a future teacher wishes to become certified for, they may be required to specialize in another subject, especially future high school and middle school teachers. They often take courses in this specialization as well as in their main educational department - for example, a student wishing to become a science teacher may take classes in biology, chemistry or physics in addition to their teaching courses.

Tutors at 24HourAnswers.com have a wealth of experience educating, training and advising future teachers through collegiate courses in education and are ready to assist with any need you might have.

The study of education in a college setting often takes the form of a few semesters of coursework spent learning to plan lessons, construct age-appropriate curriculum, manage students, and learning to implement cutting-edge teaching and pedagogical techniques. Following this, junior teachers generally spend a semester or more - depending on the state they’re living in - working as student teachers with already-established educators. They also are oftentimes required to observe unfamiliar classrooms for a specified period of time, and to complete various tests, exams, and presentations. In many states, young teachers are required to submit video examples of their teaching styles from real lessons taught in the classroom to state officials, who then assess the teacher’s competence.

Teaching, therefore, requires a student to be adaptable and to work flexibly outside of traditional exam-oriented programs. Teaching effectively is a skill, not something that can be memorized. Teachers need to be strong readers, writers, and communicators. Ideally, they are friendly, outgoing people who are easily approachable to others. They should be caring, kind, patient and love working with children and young adults.

Education majors also learn how to use the latest technical innovations to enhance their teaching. The student’s experience in the classroom can be drastically improved through new methods of learning, which technologies such as computers, projectors, and smart boards can provide. Teachers will sometimes use video, online resources, and interactive games to demonstrate class material to their students.

College students majoring in Education often pursue careers in teaching at the primary or secondary level. They tutor, work as coaches, mentor clubs and organizations, act as counselors, perform some duties of librarians, and perform administrative labor to ensure the functioning of a school. Teachers administer tests and design specialized curriculum to suit highly-specified student needs, and organize school life for diverse student populations.

At 24HourAnswers.com, our tutors stand ready to assist with any need you might have, whether it be in a general Education class or a more specialized, upper-level course in a specialized subject in the sciences or the humanities, which all education students take. We have experts in all education-related subjects, from Curriculum Development to Early Childhood Education, standing by ready to provide assistance. We can help you find the perfect tutor for any education-related subject at any class level to help you complete an assignment, finish a challenging project, or to assist you in completing that final item to earn your degree.

For more information on careers in education and its related subtopics, the following resources may be of value:

  • Teach.org, a site that provides the latest news, materials and commentary from the world of education.
  • Educaton.com, which contains information about the necessary skills, competencies and qualifications expected of new teachers.
  • Teacher.org, which provides practical, concrete information on the process of becoming a teacher, with content detailing everything from how to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree to growing your career into administration of higher education and other human development fields.

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of education. Our education tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better online education tutoring anywhere.

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