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ProEngineer/Creo Parametric

Creo Elements / Pro formerly known as Pro / ENGINEER Wildfire is now called Creo Parametric and is the 3D CAD solution in the field of product design. The 3D CAD software includes industry-leading productivity tools that promote the use of best practices in design, while ensuring compliance with all industry and company-specific standards.

Creo Elements, is a 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, and associative solid modelling app. It is one of a suite of several collaborative applications that provide solid modelling, assembly modelling, 2D orthographic views, finite element analysis, direct and parametric modelling, sub-divisional and NURBS surface modelling, and NC and tooling functionality for mechanical designers.

Pro / ENGINEER and / or PTC's new Creo Parametric software is a scalable 3D CAD parametric software that promotes innovative concepts and opens new ways for value creation for companies.

Pro/ENGINEER was the industry's first rule-based constraint also called "parametric" or "variational" 3D CAD modeling system. The parametric modeling approach uses parameters, dimensions, features, and relationships to capture intended product behavior and create a recipe which enables design automation and the optimization of design and product development processes - see pictures 1 and 2.


picture 1

picture 2



Sheetmetal design inside Creo Parametric has been significantly enhanced. Very smooth conversion from solid parts, corner reliefs, new sketch form tool, and many other features now give us smarter and quicker solutions.

picture 3: Raspberry Pi2 case solution in ProE wildfire 5.0

picture 4: Lower part build up, along with unfolded part preparation for CNC punch/bend machine in Creo 3.0


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) is the use of computers to perform product design and manufacturing. Manufacturing is done via CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines.

CAM can also be especially helpful in producing and designing molds for plastic parts. Once the mold is designed, it's essential that the core and cavity of the mold, sliders, and cooling channels be machined efficiently with absolute precision. ProE/Creo CAM software enables you to design the optimal tool paths to do this.


picture 5: CAM program, G code extraction for CNC preparation in Vericut (software incorporated in ProE)

picture 6: CAM usage of software for machine exceed cut of material after thermo-shaping



Style is a design environment within Creo Parametric that allows you to create free-form curves and surfaces quickly and easily, and to combine multiple elements into superfeatures. Style features are called superfeatures because they can contain limitless numbers of curves and surfaces.

The Style user interface offers the best of both worlds—it is a self-contained, intuitive modeling environment and is also a Creo feature. The user can create truly free Style features and take advantage of the parametric and associative Creo capabilities.

Style features are flexible; they have their own internal parent/child relationships, and can also have relationships with other Creo features.

You can accomplish all of the following tasks with Style:

  • Work in single- and multiple-view environments. The multiple-view environment is a powerful feature in Creo. You can display and work in four model views at one time.
  • Create curves and surfaces at the part and assembly level.
  • Create simple features or multiple-element superfeatures.
  • Create a Curve on Surface (COS), a special curve type that lies on a surface.
  • Create surfaces from boundaries.
  • Create surfaces from any number (two or more) of boundaries.
  • Edit individual geometric entities or a combination of entities in the feature.
  • Modify the shape of surfaces using the Surface Edit tool.
  • Create internal parent/child relationships for Style features.
  • Create parent/child relationships between Style features and model features.


picture 7: Spray gun prepared inside Style feature with Creo 3.0

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