Five Tips for Passing Your College Statistics Class
Five Tips for Passing Your College Statistics Class
Jan 14, 2022

Statistics classes are hard for most college students, especially those who aren't math majors. Just with any subject matter outside of your comfort zone, it's normal to feel challenged at times. Even if you think your college statistics class will overwhelm you, there are steps you can take to set yourself up for success and pass the class.

To do your best in your statistics class, adopt good habits early. Passing your college statistics class may seem impossible sometimes, but follow these tips, and you may just be surprised.

How to Succeed in Your College Statistics Class

Take a look at our list of tips you can implement both before and during your statistics class.

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1. Plan Your Study Time

When you get your statistics class syllabus at the beginning of the semester, put every major assignment into your calendar or planner. This way, you won't be surprised by any exam dates, and you can give yourself enough time to prepare. Block off time each week to dedicate to studying for this class.

Find a location on campus where you can devote time to completing statistics assignments. If you work better in total silence, work on the quietest floor of the library. If you need more ambient noise, try studying at a local cafe or in the student center. Find the space that works best for you, and commit to working on statistics in that same location on a consistent basis.

2. Make the Most Out of Class

Always come to class prepared. Bring all the recommended class materials your professor lists on the syllabus, such as a calculator, pencils, a notebook and course materials. With these tools in hand, you can take good notes and follow along during lectures.

Make sure to silence your phone before class starts to avoid creating a distraction for other students. If you're working on a laptop, resist the urge to check your email or social media during class.

3. Ask Questions

When you're stuck, reach out to your professor to ask questions outside of class. You can email your professor or swing by their office hours if you don't understand a concept or particular assignment. Professors are there to help you succeed. During class, you can and should ask pertinent questions. Chances are, other students in the lecture hall have the same question! 

4. Join a Study Group

Statistics class can become even harder if you're trying to do well on your own. Join or form a study group so you have the support of people who can help you — and visa versa. Study groups also provide accountability for your studying commitments and are a great way to make friends!

5. Use Online Resources

There may be times when your notes and textbook aren't enough for you to fully grasp a concept or solve that one impossible problem. Your professor can point you to helpful academic websites, and your textbook may provide online resources. It's also a fantastic idea to take advantage of an online statistics tutor and homework services for help with college statistics.

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