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Prepare a departmental organizational chart by service/functional area from the following information:

Hamada Medical Center

Hamada Medical center is a not-for-profit, 200-bed general acute care facility. Administration consists of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer, a Vice President for Operations, a Vice President of Nursing Services, a CFO (Chief Financial Officer and a CIO (Chief Information Officer). Due to the complexity of the CEO position only a few areas fall under this position’s direct supervisory responsibility. Those areas reporting directly to the CEO include all VP’s, the CFO, and the CIO. Of course, an informal, staff relationship exists with Chief of Medical Staff Services.
Due to the enormous span of control the VP of Operations possesses, two assistant administrators exist, they are entitled as follows:
• Assistant VP for Support Services
• Assistant VP for Ancillary Services

The VP of Operations is directly responsible for the following functions/services:
• Safety, Risk Reduction and Prevention
• Performance Improvement
• Human Resource Management

The Assistant VP for Support Services if responsible for:
• Telecommunications
• Environmental Services
• Volunteer Services
• Chaplain Services
• Engineering and Physical Plant Management

The Assistant VP for Ancillary Services if responsible for:
• Clinical Laboratory and Pathology
• Pharmacy
• Radiology and Nuclear medicine
• Nutritional Services
• Cardiopulmonary Services
• Social Services
• Occupational Therapy

The CIO is responsible for:
• Data Processing
• Technical Support Services
• Systems Analysis and Development

The VP for Nursing Services is responsible for:
• Medical Nursing Services
• Surgical Nursing Services
• Pediatric Nursing Services
• Intensive Care Nursing
• Outpatients Nursing
• Emergency Nursing Services
The CFO is responsible for:
• Patient Business Office
• Accounting
• Material Managements and Purchasing
• Health Information Services
• Contract Administration

• The CEO, VP’s and CFO have secretaries.
• The facility also retains the expert services of an Efficiency Management Consultant

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