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Image courtesy of Stefan Schweihofer @

Art. The mere definition of art is quite generic, yet almost any person will confirm that the actual meaning of the word is anything but general. Merriam-Webster defines art as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings”. This definition could be further explained in multiple ways with varying objectivity.

The use of art, in any form, provides us with visual understanding or enrichment. This art could be in the form of jewelry, graphics, fashion, pottery, paintings, structural designs, and much more. While examples of art could potentially be endless, the important aspect to remember is that art is meant to stimulate the brain and cause a response or bring about an emotion. This could be positive, such as laughter and happiness, or negative, such as despair or anger. It is something that is a daily factor in our lives, yet many of us never stop to ponder its meaning.

It is based on both form and content:

  • Form: this consists of the elements of art (such as color, space, and line), the principles of the design (such as balance, contrast, and proportion), and the physical composition (such as oil, watercolor, or metal).
  • Content: this is more of an idea and is based on what the artist meant to portray, what the artist actually portrayed, and our reaction to the portrayal of the art in question. Also, factors such as religion, society, history, politics, abusive substances, and multiple others could contribute to the content side of art.

A person interested in pursuing art as a professional career could choose from a wide variety of options. The Rhode Island School of Design offers degrees in Fine Arts, along with multiple other colleges and universities in the country and across the world. Students attending these programs would decide on a specific program such as:

  • Ceramics
  • Film/animation
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Textiles

Each of the specific programs contains its own respective courses. With that in mind, a few examples of courses offered in the general category of Fine Arts are:

  • Fundamentals: Painting Methods and Materials
  • Ceramic Sculpture
  • Topics in Ceramic History
  • Computer Generated Imagery 3D
  • Digital Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Artistic Anatomy
  • Cinematic Storytelling

24HourAnswers offers online help with college art assignments, art homework, or art history. We have qualified tutors in a variety of areas of art that are available to help. Browse our tutors or fill out a form to get started!

To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of art. Our art tutors can help with all your projects, large or small, and we challenge you to find better art tutoring anywhere.

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College Art Homework Help

Since we have tutors in all Art related topics, we can provide a range of different services. Our online Art tutors will:

  • Provide specific insight for homework assignments.
  • Review broad conceptual ideas and chapters.
  • Simplify complex topics into digestible pieces of information.
  • Answer any Art related questions.
  • Tailor instruction to fit your style of learning.

With these capabilities, our college Art tutors will give you the tools you need to gain a comprehensive knowledge of Art you can use in future courses.

24HourAnswers Online Art Tutors

Our tutors are just as dedicated to your success in class as you are, so they are available around the clock to assist you with questions, homework, exam preparation and any Art related assignments you need extra help completing.

In addition to gaining access to highly qualified tutors, you'll also strengthen your confidence level in the classroom when you work with us. This newfound confidence will allow you to apply your Art knowledge in future courses and keep your education progressing smoothly.

Because our college Art tutors are fully remote, seeking their help is easy. Rather than spend valuable time trying to find a local Art tutor you can trust, just call on our tutors whenever you need them without any conflicting schedules getting in the way.

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To fulfill our tutoring mission of online education, our college homework help and online tutoring centers are standing by 24/7, ready to assist college students who need homework help with all aspects of Art.