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Quantitative Methods
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Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods encompass the study and implementation of tools and procedures used for the gathering, analyzing and interpreting of numerical data in an objective manner. When performing quantitative research, the primary goal is to establish an understanding for that of an independent variable as it relates to a dependent variable. Quantitative research uses vast forms of data which can include pre-existing numerical analysis, statistical information, objective measurements, polls, surveys and questionnaires. These forms of data can be computationally manipulated through Microsoft Excel as well as through other analysis platforms.

Quantitative research contains information that takes on a descriptive [determined, defined and measured] or experimental form [representative of a before and after determination]. The greatest difference between these two forms of information is: a descriptive study determines association whereas an experimental study solidifies a cause or causes.

Here at 24HourAnswers, we value the knowledge our tutors possess as it relates to Quantitative Methods and the correct use of these methods to interpret data. We understand that decision makers such as managers, supervisors, analysts and C-suite executives need insight to make appropriate decisions and policy changes. The assistance we offer can achieve the goals of Quantitative Methods and better a student’s overall understanding. A more in-depth description of the scope of Quantitative Methods can be found below.

Quantitative Methods explained:

In the most primary stages of Quantitative Methods, we adhere to a cognitive process like that of the following:

Address a researchable issue - this issue is founded upon and contains numerical data which leads a researcher to formulate a hypothesis or research question. This step is definable, objective and will establish a researcher’s purpose and intent.

Study a population or establish sampling process - determine that appropriate and testable data exist and the means for collecting such data are practical. This process includes reviewing multiple sources of literature and narrowing down to only aligning robust information. 

Collect and analyze data - the collection of the most useful, accurate and appropriate data to be used in testing a hypothesis and engaging the methods and tools of Quantitative Methods. This step may involve the use of pre-existing data to which the limitations must be determined.

The applied methodology of Quantitative Methods:

Determine the form of research appropriate - quantitative research falls into the most definite categories of research which are that of correlation, observation and survey based.

Outline most fitting statistical procedure - determine what mathematical techniques are appropriate and begin processing the data through computational software.

Determining the conclusions:

Detail the findings - once the data has been analyzed this step serves as the descriptive stage for the researcher and is imperative in providing information to decision makers.  

Make fitting recommendations - the researcher at this point can provide feedback and recommendations for key decision making.

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Our tutors here at 24HourAnswers can confidently guide and assist with assignments and test prep as it relates to Quantitative Methods. Our tutors are qualified, experienced and willing to adhere to each student’s educational needs. Whether Quantitative Methods is a part of your major studies or just a required course, our tutors are available 24/7 and can offer specific, one-on-one assistance. Simply click the link, contact one of our Quantitative Methods tutors or submit your homework question online. We are proud to be A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a demonstration of the helpful support delivered by our tutors each and every day.



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