Employment law

The field of Employment Law is a vital area of practice in the United States. Disputes between employers and workers are the basis for the formation of federal and state law.

Employment Law Practice

An employment or labor attorney provides counsel to clients on the legal issues of employment contract, or about performance per employment agreement.

Employment law attorneys advise employers and employees, representing them in cases where there is a disagreement about: (a) Employment benefits; (b) Discrimination; (c) Privacy rights; (d) Sexual harassment; (e)Termination; (f) Wage and overtime; (g) Workers Compensation; or (h) Workplace Safety.

 Employment Law matters comprise more than twenty percent of the U.S. federal and state court caseload. Lawyers may specialize in general employment law practice or a specialized area such as Workers Compensation claims. Globalization and the demand of multinational corporations, has increased the need for attorneys and lawyers trained in employment law to negotiate international contracts, and contribute to the legislative development of employment laws.

 Employment Law Degree Programs

Study toward a degree in law in a J.D., L.LM. or M.S. of Laws program trains the soon-to-be lawyer in the rule elements of law, the legislative process and case law proceedings contributing to the development of statutory law, as well as the student’s chosen specialization of practice. Techniques used in the study of law are: Document preparation; eDiscovery research; IRAC case briefings; Latin linguistics; Mock trial; Moot court; and Policy review.

 Most law school programs require two to four years to complete, and begin with a 1L curriculum of Contract Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law, and Legal Writing followed by courses in Constitutional Law and Civil Rights Law and specialized legal training in Employment Law or other emphasis. Law school students may serve as clerks or legal researchers in preparation for their careers as lawyers prior to matriculation from a program.

 Matters of workplace privacy and designated access to technologies are increasingly the focus of law students studying toward a degree. L.LM. and M.S. of Laws degree program students are now introduced to a variety of investigative techniques and regulatory compliance processes used by organizations as measures of risk management and employment relations protocol. Employment law practitioners may also find careers as Conflict of Interest Researchers with law firms specializing in litigation of employer-employee relations, unions, or international parties contracting labor.

 Seeking Tutorial in Employment Law Studies?

At 24houranswers we provide Employment Law tutoring online with qualified subject matter experts. Tutors support students in their engagement with our homework library which hosts a vast repository of completed law essays and other law school related exam prep tools, government law libraries and other professional resources:

  • AspenLaw – law school recommended case law database software application.
  • Cicayda – eDiscovery research and legal analytics platform.
  • ExpertLaw – online federal, state, and legal education resource.
  • FindLaw – online federal, state, and legal education resource.
  • LexisNexis – online case law library.
  • Nolo – online federal, state, and legal education resource.

Legal writing and exam preparation for the LSAT entrance exam, ABA license exam or state bar exams can be a significant challenge. Online tutorial assistance for Employment Law studies can promotes a student’s competency, and with it, grades and test scores. To schedule an online tutorial session for assistance in accomplishing your Employment Law degree program objectives visit 24houranswers.


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