One tends to think of MATLAB primarily as a programming framework for dealing with matrices. This is, of course, true and a very powerful part of it. A lot of time can be saved when using built-in matrix manipulation routines rather than writing the loops provided by conventional high-level programming languages.

It is less well known that you can also get the answers to many mathematical problems with MATLAB. There are routines available to help with a lot of headache-inducing mathematical problems. Why not take a look at some examples?

  • Statistics: A huge number of tests are available, including:
    • T-tests
    • Durbin-Watson
    • Chi-square goodness of fit
    • Z-tests
  • Differential equations: Multiple solvers, such as:
    • Linear ordinary up to third order
    • Non-linear ordinary
    • PDEs
  • Calculus: Several functions including:
    • Integrating a function
    • Calculating discrete derivatives

The MATLAB system is so powerful that many teachers choose to explicitly prohibit the usage of its built-in functions in assignments. As a result, it is usually worth your while to check whether or not you are allowed to use these functions or if you need to program the solution yourself.

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