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New Online Tutoring Platform

Well, the day finally arrived. We now have a fully-integrated online tutoring platform built into the Live Request service. Preliminary tests show that it's a promising newcomer to the full line of quality educational services being developed here at We actually rent the platform (a.k.a whiteboard) from another company that did the development work, so it's not the perfect customized product we would like.

As a final answer to providing the best possible service, we may have our own developers create the ultimate online tutoring platform, one that will excel in speed and simplicity. Bells and whistles are not the answer, as they just tend to eat bandwidth. Performance is the key to bringing back repeat users.

As promised, the platform we have integrated is without annoying advertisements around its borders, ensuring a distraction-free learning environment. The platform speed, using audio and pen/tablet writing as the two most important criteria, are far superior to any free platforms available that are committed to producing revenue with border ads. It's still true that speed can be limited by a slow internet connection and computers at either end that are not performing well. The following items can help ensure the best possible online tutoring experience, so do these things before your first session:

  • get a broadband internet connection; dial-up modems will not work
  • perform routine computer maintenance like disk cleanup, disk defragmentation, and scanning for all forms of malware.
  • close all other applications; keep open only those applications you absolutely need during your tutoring session

Students who come well prepared for online tutoring will reap maximum benefits. Homework help should be neither expensive nor time consuming as long as you've found the right place to get it.

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