What skills do you need to gain in order to survive in the business world today? 


  1. Introduction
  2. Major 1: Leadership skills
  3. Major 2: Cooperation skills
  4. Major 3: Competition skills
  5. Conclusion

Globalization and accelerated changes in the business world created an urge for continuous learning and investing in knowledge. At the organizational level, continuous learning means acquiring deeper and broader knowledge and skills and applying them to new behaviors. Numerous skills can be included when we talk about business leaders. Apart from basic skills such as communication, time management, organization, presentation, and innovation skills, exceptional professionals must invest in leadership and cooperation expertise which will lead them to survival and breakthrough on the market.

The first thing one should learn is about leadership as a practical skill, which tends to encompass the ability of an individual to recognize potential benefits and opportunities, but also to acknowledge the existence of possible threats and risks in various situations. This exceptional skill involves a number of soft skills converted into one subtle form of strategic and trustworthy communication with both internal and external stakeholders. Moreover, leadership also means creating a long-term strategy which is focused on improving customer experience through customization and spreading brand awareness so that our organization can attract new customers and retain users.

Secondly, one should pay attention to cooperation skills. Cooperation invokes a productive and stress-free environment, which is the best situation for creating strong, capable, and noble leaders. It means improving old versions and techniques, accepting different opinions, and investing in education. In order to become a great leader, one must develop their skills through an organization that encourages equal chances, because cooperation relies on making effective bonds between team workers, which will lead to creating powerful and trustworthy collaboration with other organizations as well. It also teaches people that earning trust and respect among external groups and stakeholders is the core of success and of making an impact in the business world.

On the other hand, competition, with its original explanation “the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others” (Oxford Dictionaries) can be an interesting leading style when it comes to business politics and marketing issues. Establishing superiority over other brands is a long-term commitment which requires collecting new information and adapting to sudden changes in the market. In that sense, organizations can say that competition requires excellent preparation and flexibility. This trend of intensifying competition makes selling more creative - but also much more challenging than it once was. Creativity is usually expressed through building a culture of creative thinking and an innovation-driven work environment.

In summary, the most suitable way to prepare business leaders for their future commitment and survival in the market cannot be easily targeted or described, since we live in an ever-changing technology era. Specialists do agree, however, that continuous learning drastically benefits this tendency through improving leadership, cooperation, and competition skills. These skills should enable one to become a successful and respected professional.  As an individual, every great leader is expected to blossom into a charismatic character with a unique way of dealing with challenges while making sure that the organization is able to create fruitful general agreements with all stakeholders.

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