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Artificial intelligence (AI) is essentially an application of computer algorithms taken to extremes of modeling, integration, and creativity. Because the human brain can be regarded as a collection of electrical impulses responding to environmental stimuli, many experts feel that computers will ultimately be able to mimic the workings of the human mind. Just how closely computers will be able to replicate the brain's functions remains to be seen, but it's certainly worthwhile to follow developments in AI, and one way to do that is to visit Artificial Intelligence, an international forum devoted to basic and applied research in AI.

A course in AI will involve many of the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Intelligent agents
  • Search problem solving
  • Classical search and planning
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Adversarial search
  • Constraint satisfaction
  • Logical agents
  • First-order logic and inference
  • The real world
  • Representation of knowledge
  • Quantifying uncertainty
  • Probabilistic reasoning
  • Decision making
  • Learning from examples
  • Knowledge in learning
  • Probabilistic models
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Language processing and communication
  • Perception
  • Robotics
  • Philosophical foundations


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September 16, 2019

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August 16, 2019

Machine Learning

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