Food Service Management

This is the scientific, economic and effective utilization of men, money, materials, time and space to accomplish the goals of producing meals and providing services.


Its organization is subsidiary to management, embracing the duties of designating the departments and the personnel that are to carry on the work, defining their functions and specifying the relations that are to exist between departments and individuals.

Basic Food Service Management Functions:

  • Planning - involves thinking in the future, looking ahead with decisions for action based on factual knowledge and experience. Check your plan by asking why, what, where, when, who and how.
  • Organizing - refers to the arrangement and relationship of necessary activities. It establishes lines of authority and communication.
  • Directing - is concerned with the guidance of all efforts towards a stated objective. It provides a means of putting plans into action through effective supervision, work rules and procedures.
  • Controlling- is concerned with keeping all efforts within the channels prescribed by management.
  • Staffing- consists of defining the requirements with regard to people for the job to be done. 

Principles of Good Organization

The principle of departmentalization or division of labor refers to the particular grouping of functions or activities in an organization, showing their relationship and the people doing them.

The principle of unity of command avoids conflicts in authority and establishes a definite chain of command.

The principle of delegation of authority and responsibility relates to the vesting of authority by a supervisor to a subordinate or colleague. The right to decide and act must be pushed to the lowest practicable level.

The principle of homogenous assignments embraces the rule that workers performing similar or related functions should be grouped together.


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